dyslexia is my bag



There “their” is the wrong “they're”

What is dyslexia? Well, try reading the sentence above. As you've noticed all the homonyms are confused in it. For anyone who got it straight away, well done. But everyone else, that confusion you experienced while trying to make sense of that string of words, that's what dyslexia feels like. It should read: Their “they're” is the wrong “there”. Implying that dyslexics confuse these words, among dozens of others.

7 Things Every Dyslexic Child Needs to Know

(That I wish I had)

a summary of “Writing With Dyslexia

The definition of dyslexia is: a condition of the brain that makes it difficult for an individual to read, write and spell. It's important to note, a trained psychologist should always be consulted if you do think you or your child is suffering from this disability. But if you've been dealing with this for a while, and are feeling the guilt and pressure of feeling you are different, or lesser than everyone else; these short points should help.