Time has gone wrong.

The past is crashing into the present with devastating and fatal consequences.


However, there are those who could stop it, those who can save time, and right the wrongs in its path. Someone, somehow, just has to bring them all together:

Situs, the last scion of an ancient race, hiding his identity, his terrifying powers, and his perceived war crimes from a society that would see him dead.

Venine, a scholar, a scientist, and a Mystic. A master of the Spirit Realm, whose Order carried out the genocide of Situs' race decades ago.

Tim, the messenger sent from the Tower of Manus where the legendary Guardians have lost their millennia long fight to keep time's flow intact.

And Robwyn, a murderer, a thief, and now, an assassin, who hunts Tim to free himself from a long-agreed-upon pact.

Who will survive? And what is the real truth? As time collapses in on itself, they must ask; is the world truly worth saving? And who is it, exactly, that decided THEY were the ones to do it?


A fantasy adventure with a vast new world as the backdrop for the human themes of guilt, loss and redemption, where our heroes and villains have to learn it isn't who they must become, but who they really are, that will save the world they live in.